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Businesses face new opportunities and challenges daily, and most of them come from within the organization.
But being right in front of you doesn’t make them easy to see or address.
That’s where MARKETECT comes in.
We reinforce your team with the right perspective and resources to build and maintain strong internal foundation.

Coaching & Facilitation

Organizations can be so focused on hitting short-term goals that they under-invest in their most critical long-term asset, their people. We provide:

strategic planning

Modern leadership teams are smart, technical, and energized. But they may lack experience and perspective. We partner with them to fill in the gaps when developing:

  • budgeting
  • prioritization
  • planning
  • price changes
  • end-of-life

Stakeholder Engagement

A cohesive message is important to all of your stakeholders, including employees, vendors, and investors.  We help craft:

  • CEO outreach plans
  • “all hands” messaging
  • investor updates
  • major announcements
  • crisis communications


In fast-moving markets, agility is the difference between success and failure. Call on us to lead or join a quick-response team to take action on a:

  • competitive threat
  • brand crisis
  • critical pitch
  • vendor issue
  • budget change


In a rapidly-evolving organization, no structure is permanent. We help define the organizational structure and operating approach needed at each stage of growth:

  • functional or business unit
  • in-house or outsourced
  • centralized or decentralized
  • flat or hierarchical
  • and who owns which KPI?

Corp Dev / M&A

Most M&A teams are made up of finance, legal, and corporate development pros. We support the decisions that often get overlooked:

  • product strategy
  • branding & messaging
  • pricing & positioning
  • campaigns & budgets
  • agencies & tools


MARKETECT is a catalyst for collaboration,
decision-making, and action.

We can structure engagements to meet your needs.
Here are a few recent examples …

company reorg

Teamed with management to restructure an ad agency going through hyper-growth.

price change

Developed a price change strategy, plan, and model for a publicly-traded tech firm.

vendor selection

Led vendor selection, negotiation, and planning for a CRM solution at a company shifting focus to recurring revenue.

hiring panel

Joined a hiring panel to provide an outside opinion on senior marketing hires at a rapidly-growing SaaS company.

team development

Facilitated a collaboration initiative between Sales, Professional Services, and Support for a regional reseller.

Mastermind groups

Co-led a series of MasterMind groups for startup CEOs in a co-working community.


Mike Pugh

Mike Pugh

Partner, Consultant

Mike Pugh leads the MARKETECT team. He has a passion for working with CEOs, leadership teams, Boards, and investors to drive growth through change, including facilitation, reoganization, and M&A.

As VP of Marketing and revenue owner of the flagship product line at j2 Global (JCOM)—a cloud services and digital media company—Mike was a key player in the company’s growth to over $600M in revenue, $250M in profit, and a $3B market cap. He led a team of 50 marketers driving organic growth and worked on dozens of M&A diligence processes and integrations.

Mike works with company management, consulting organizations, Private Equity firms, M&A teams, Boards, and investors.

Jon Covington

Marketect Emeritus, Consultant

Jon is known for identifying, creating, and expanding markets, channels, and alliances worldwide. He’s worked with hundreds of companies, including Apple (hired by Steve Jobs), IBM, Palm, RIM (Blackberry), Sharp, Casio, Panasonic, and Nokia.

He is a coach for BPR, Customer Satisfaction, Customer & Team Development, CEM, and Scrum. He is in demand as a consultant, executive, strategic adviser, coach, sales closer, board member, and purchase negotiator.

Ken Truesdale


Ken provides technology solutions to MARKETECT clients. He focuses on automation, lean business process, and infrastructure. Every company has inefficient business processes and technology. Ken roots out these bad systems and replaces them with solutions that drive revenue growth and increased efficiency.

Ken has 25 years of tech experience, as a bootstrapped entrepreneur with a successful exit and as a corporate executive leading product, corp dev, and M&A teams.

Tim Rodgers


Tim brings early-stage startup expertise to MARKETECT.  His entrepreneurial experience positions leadership teams for strong market footing and accelerated growth.

As founder of businesses in the energy and Internet markets, his companies successfully raised over $20M in early-stage funding and several have been acquired.  His skills include IP development and defense, licensing, business development, acquisitions, strategic ventures, and company turnaround projects.


We deliver on our mission to build better marketers and marketing teams

“the voice of reason …  even keel demeanor proved extremely valuable and effective time and time again”

“created a great culture of happy hard working marketers who wanted to do great things”

“uncanny way of believing in people maybe even before they believe in themselves”

“committed to bringing the best out of individuals … challenging and pushing them forward”

“adept at building strong relationships through collaboration while concurrently driving hard to get things done.”

“cultivates an environment that encourages big ideas while keeping a laser focus on revenue”

“ability to build and motivate a talented, high-performance marketing team was unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced”


Our business is driven by collaboration. Reach out when you have a marketing challenge, product opportunity, or idea that needs a sounding board. Sometimes a simple email exchange or call is enough. Maybe just a quick referral. But even a deep dive starts with a conversation, so contact us today and take a step towards a more [you fill in the blank] marketing organization.

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